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Name:Metempsychosis Dressing Room
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This is the dressing room community for the RPG Metempsychosis.

Metempsychosis is an RPG based around figures in Greek, Celtic/Arthurian, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan, and Norse mythology reborn into a modern-day setting.

As the hearts of mighty civilizations rose, fell, and their influence shifted westward, so, too, did the divine epicenters of the deities they worshipped. Even the gods, demigods, monsters and mortal heroes fell subject to the same ruin, and were thrust into the cycle of rebirth and placed at the mercies of warring powers older and more powerful than they ever were. Now, each of these ancient seats of power lies hidden somewhere in the United States. The figures themselves, now all born into human bodies, must rediscover these epicenters, and in doing so, uncover their powers, reclaim their ancient seats, and restore their ancient and rightful glories.

The path will not be easy, however. The powers they once wielded have been diminished in their human forms, but they are still awesome enough to elicit both wonder and fear from the ordinary citizens around them. Many obstacles will stand in their way, and they are still subject to the ongoing battles of the ancient and mysterious forces that have created this situation.

All non-canon IC interactions should be posted here.

Please use the following format when posting log-style posts to the community:

In the subject line, please note if the log is open to all characters, or if it is closed to all but certain characters, and whether it is complete or incomplete.

Also, don't forget to tag your entries with your character's name (and if your log is set in the past, please use the tag "!past" as well), and make sure you friendslock all adult content! Thank you!


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